What To Do With The MAC Red vs. Blue?

Once again last weeks MAC Red vs MAC Blue was one-sided except for Romeo’s 14- 6 win over P. H. Northern.  The other five matchup’s combined score was 259-55. No matter what side of the ledger you’re on it may be time for a change. 

This is not a knock on anyone especially teams in the blue, but there is a huge difference in enrollment and size of rosters. Most importantly there is also a serious concern for injuries.

The other side of the argument by some  is you only have to play for one week out of the entire season.

This is the year for realignment, so if it’s going to be talked about in the upcoming off season this would be the time to do it.

The research and interviews for this article go back over the last five years. Those interviewed will not be named as agreed upon. 

What to do with the MAC Red vs Blue ?  Your thoughts. Should this be addressed and changed over the next off-season or should it stay the same? 

No matter what decision is made, we here at Macomb Varsity think the MAC Conference is a great league.

2 thoughts on “What To Do With The MAC Red vs. Blue?

  1. The MAC Red vs. The MAC Blue is tragic. You’re putting the Blue against one of the toughest conferences in MHSAA Football?! In a day where the proper competition for the Red (Cath League Central) are looking for games out of state, one week it’d be great to watch the best get at it!! Just my thoughts, that’s good football!!

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