Oh, It’s Coming…. Monday or maybe Tuesday.

MacombVarsity studios has been completed, a studio like none other in all the land.   Just in time for the fall season…  So we are ready to start making some high quality, content packed, average to above average programming.   What to expect….

Joe and Mark pick football games against the spread:

We have yet to come up with a cheesy title for this segment, but we’re working on it.   We’ll be picking every football game using the most updated spreads on the local teams.   Follow along weekly and see how the experts records fare.    Comment section will be open for your picks or your chance to criticize ours.   First picks will be out by Tuesday this week, and by Wednesday’s the rest of the season.

Updated Top 10’s:

These will be updated by Tuesday morning every week.    Preseason Top 10’s were released a couple weeks ago but after all the games are completed we’ll be using scores/results to get a new Top 10.   The most accurate Top 10 in the entire area.

Playoff Previews:

Obviously this won’t be weekly but as the season comes to an end we’ll be breaking down the playoff picture for all eligible teams.

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