Football Training Camps Cousino

Brad Nettles returns as head coach and the Patriots are rebuilding. 

On offense Cousino has the weapons led by seniors Michael Tucker and Elijah Rice. Wide receiver John Wilson will help stretch the field for the Patroit passing attack. 

Coach Nettles talked about  the defense being fast and had a lot of praise for the linebacking group.” Josh Jones is truly a leader ” said Nettles.  Jones will play inside linebacker and is a two-way player who will see action on the offensive side of the ball at fullback. 

“I like our team “added Nettles. “We also stress the classroom at practice” concluded Nettles. 

Two way player Brendan Wolgast  expects to play at the next level and is being recruited by multiple Ivy League schools. Wolgast carrries a 3.9 GPA. 

Cousino travels to W.W. Tower in the opener to take on the Titans in an all Warren battle.  

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